About us

Company started in the summer of 2019 when a little 11 year old girl had a fascination to Crystals and Gemstones. She has always been interested in making her own money to buy her own things. One summer's day, She had been looking through a farmers market and came across a lady selling natural stone jewelry and asked if this was a possibility for her to make and sell. We told her anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Her company started and she did her first market in the summer, which lead to markets in the fall and winter and then an expo in the beginning of Feb 2020. All the jewelry comes from the imagination of this young girl and each piece of jewelry is handcrafted by her. Each piece is made with all natural stones some may include sandal wood and metal charms. We believe that natural stone jewelry is made to suit anyone and everyone. Ali also does custom orders if you so wish. Please email alismysticalwonders@gmail.com to inquire.